Command Line Interface

Use wcctl.exe console program to configure the program via command line interface.

Command line wcctl.exe file is created during the program installation. You can find it in Webcam for Remote Desktop Server program folder.

Command Line Keys

Key Description
list Get the list of webcams in the following format: id name.
select <id> Select the webcam id and display the result in the following format: name selected.
config [mjpeg [quality] | vp8 [bitrate] | info [yes|no]] Set configuration options:
mjpeg percents
vp8 Kbit/s
info yes|no
If no options specified, the current configuration will be shown.
key [path] Apply the license key from the file [path].
If path is not specified, the current license key information will be shown.
flip <id> [v [=(1|0)] ] | [h [=(1|0)] ] Flip the image for the webcam id.
v - vertically, h - horizontally.
sstat Display stream statistics in the following format:
Stream Statistics: Fps, Bitrate
help Shows this help.

Command Line Usage Examples:

View current configuration:

C:\Program Files (x86)\FabulaTech\WebCam for Remote Desktop (Server)>wcctl.exe config
Compression type: VP8
MJPEG Quality: 60%
VP8 Bitrate: 1000 Kbit/s
Info String: NO