Connecting to the Microsoft Terminal Server (RDP)

In order to redirect webcams to remote desktop session, FreeRDP must be used in conjunction with FabulaTech FtPlugins extension for remote desktop software. FtPlugins extension must be installed alongside with FabulaTech Webcam for Remote Desktop (Linux version) as shown on installation page.

Before usage, run once:

$ sudo /opt/ftplugins/bin/ -i

There are 2 ways of usage. First, just launch:

$ /opt/ftplugins/bin/ftlaunch

Second, use FreeRDP directly. It depends on the installed FreeRDP version:

FreeRDP v1.0:

$ xfreerdp --plugin ftrdpbr -u USER -p PASSWORD SERVER

FreeRDP v1.1:

$ xfreerdp /dvc:ftrdpbr /u:USER /p:PASSWORD /v:SERVER

FreeRDP v2.0 and above:

$ xfreerdp /vc:ftrdpbr /u:USER /p:PASSWORD /v:SERVER


Your remote desktop account username.
Your remote desktop account password.
Remote desktop server IP or network addresss.