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FTPlugins 3.10

16 February 2023

New version of FTPlugins available for all our Linux remote desktop products. Minor issues with RDP and Remmina client have been fixed.

New Versions of Our Products for macOS

7 February 2023

New versions of USB over Network, Webcam for Remote Desktop and Scanner for Remote Desktop are available for macOS!

Latest macOS Ventura is now supported by all three products. Video quality was improved in the Webcam for Remote Desktop. Scanner for Remote desktop now supports duplex scanning, JPEG and LZW compression. And some minor bugfixes were made in USB over Network.

Serial Port Splitter 4.7.4

1 December 2022

Serial Port Splitter 4.7.4 has been released. This release includes new port drivers, support for the latest Windows OS and several serious bugfixes.

USB for Remote Desktop 6.1

9 November 2022

USB for Remote Desktop 6.1 available for Windows as well as compatible USB over Network 6.1 for macOS.

A lot of device-specific improvements have been implemented in Windows version of the program. Data caching for audio devices has been fine-tuned for smooth playback over poor network connection. Improvements in session isolation of webcams and printers, speed of mass storage devices and compatibility with android devices have been made. Minor bugs have been fixed as well.

Issue causing some applications to crash occasionally has been fixed in macOS version.

Stable Sound for Remote Desktop

1 September 2022

After a long testing cycle we are happy to announce stable version of the Sound for Remote Desktop which has been completely rewritten from scratch! All major remote desktop clients supported. All audio devices supported, including multi-channel microphones, Bluetooth and USB audio devices and much more.

USB over Network for macOS

22 August 2022

USB over Network 6.0 has been released for macOS for the first time. This initial release implements support of the Server part of USB over Network program. All USB devices shared on your Mac can be connected to the Windows and Linux powered Clients. Moreover, macOS version of USB over Network is compatible with USB for Remote Desktop protocol. Thus, all your devices become accessible in remote desktop sessions with USB for Remote Desktop Server installed.

USB for Remote Desktop 6.1 for Linux

18 August 2022

USB for Remote Desktop 6.1 has been released for Linux. Redirection of multimedia devices has been optimized. Some minor issues have been fixed.

Printer for Remote Desktop 1.5

21 June 2022

Printer for Remote Desktop has been updated to version 1.5.

Now a custom paper size can be set. New fixed paper size and support for duplex printing have been added. Printing speed has been improved. A lot of minor bugs have been fixed as well.

Scanner for Remote Desktop 3.0

16 May 2022

Scanner for Remote Desktop 3.0 has been released for Windows and Linux.

In Windows version, calibration support has been added for SANE backend. Issues with image dimensions, preview as well as some scanner and datasource-specific bugs have been fixed.

Release for Linux brings support for hardware bufferization in Fujitsu scanners. Support for eSCL scanners has been improved as well. And a lot of minor issues with paper dimensions, centering and detection on some backends have been fixed.

Sound for Remote Desktop 4.0 Beta

10 February 2022

Version 4.0 Beta of Sound for Remote Desktop is now publicly available for testing!

This product was completely rewritten from scratch which brings a lot of new possibilities. All major remote desktop protocols are now supported and absolutely all sound recording or playback software running in remote RDP, ICA or PCoIP session can interact with local audio devices. Operation in low-bandwidth networks was greatly improved as well.

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